January BAE of the Month

Hello Bae,

Welcome back to OWN IT BAE blogs. We are super excited for today's blog post because for the very first time we are introducing our new segment, BAE of the Month! Every month we will choose one of YOU to be our BAE of the Month, so that you have the opportunity to be featured on our blog and Instagram! To enter, all you  have to do is tag us @ownitbae when wearing OWN IT BAE products for a chance to get featured. 

This month, we have chosen *drum rolls* Erim Kaur as our Bae of the Month! Congratulations Erim, we are in  love with the way you styled our Mustard Button Detail Bodycon Dress and are honored to showcase you on today's post!


Below, Erim looks super chic in her Mustard dress that she paired with long black knee high boots, a black hat, and statement earrings. You look fab in that dress, Bae!

 In a recent interview with Erim we asked her to tell us about herself. Read the Interview below to learn more about our BAE of the Month:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a recent graduate of International Management with American Business Studies. I love Instagram and my mission is to be a role model for younger girls like me who may have grown up without a mum and to spread awareness for issues faced by the Sikh community. 

What do you love about OWN IT BAE?

That it celebrates Diversity!

What are you Staple Clothing Items?

Black Jeans, Nike Trainers, black polar neck, black duster coat.

 How would you describe your style?

My style is black, comfortable, sleek, and sexy!

 Where do you love to shop?

I love shopping at OWN IT BAE and Fashion NOVA.

 Thank you all for entering and tagging your OWN IT BAE products this month. We will be selecting our February BAE soon, so be sure to take out that camera and pose, honey!

 Thanks for reading!


Mariya & Team OWN IT BAE

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